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meow time

Angeles Meow time

"Enjoy Coffee and Play with Adorable Cats on the Second Floor of our Cat Cafe. Our homemade cat cakes are also popular. We also display and sell Cat Care Laboratory products."


"Visit our stylish cafe to enjoy coffee and interact with friendly cats.


You can also savor the taste of BENTO EXPRESS's Japanese cuisine or indulge in our café's delicious cakes. After filling up, head up to the 2nd floor play area to spend some fun time playing with the cats."

System & Price

Business Hours

Tuesday to Sunday 12 – 9PM

2nd floor Play area –


• Wear disposable slippers / new socks when entering the cat cage

• Handwash with soap and water before and after interacting with the cats.

• 10 years old and below must be accompanied by Parent / Guardian

• Holding or Carrying of cats is not allowed

• Do not hurt the cats / Don’t pull their tails or whiskers

• No loud noise and no running to avoid stressing the cats

• Photos are allowed but avoid using the flash

• No feeding of outside food to cats

• Do not wake a sleeping cat

Note: CATS Breaktime: 2PM – 3PM


  • Maximum of 4 guests at a time- when there are other guests waiting, maximum of 20 minutes per group will be imposed to accommodate everybody.

  • Play area is accessible to guests who orders at least one drink each.

  • Any amount donation is also encouraged to support for the care of the cats.

Call / Message :  0960 828 5168

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