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Don't fail! ! 5 ways to find delicious Japanese food in the Philippines


If you live in the Philippines, you might be surprised to see so many Japanese restaurants and bento shops. However, when we actually try it, we often find ourselves saying things like, ``I failed...'' or ``I'm sure Filipinos would find it delicious, but...''

Even in Japan, there are chain stores that are quite famous (I won't say the name, lol), but aren't they too tailored to the locals? There are many places like that.

In this article, I would like to introduce how to choose one to avoid losing out!


3 ways to choose Japanese food in the Philippines that won't fail

① Check review sites

After all, the first step in your search is to look at the posts of review sites and bloggers in the Philippines. If you search for ``Philippines city name Japanese food'' on Google, you will find quite a number of restaurants. You can also find it on Google Maps.However, at this time, it is important to focus on Japanese reviews. The taste that local people think is delicious and the taste that Japanese people have are different. If you go to a place where Japanese people think the food is delicious, you are much less likely to lose.


② Social media search

After reviewing review sites, use social media to search for posts and photos about the restaurant. If you search using hashtags on Instagram or Twitter, you can see photos and comments of actual meals. This allows you to check what kind of food is actually being served at the restaurant. Also, since Facebook is very powerful in the Philippines, we recommend searching for most information on Facebook.


③Advice from local friends and residents

Ask your local friends and acquaintances about good Japanese restaurants. Local residents can have a wealth of information about local food culture and good restaurants. By listening to their experiences and recommendations, you will be able to enjoy the authentic taste. Also, there are quite a lot of Japanese people living in the Philippines who don't like the local cuisine.Therefore, there are many cases where they know ``Japanese restaurants that are suitable for Japanese people.''

If you are having trouble finding delicious Japanese food...

Come to BENTO EXPRESS by PH ALPS in Angeles.

We offer a wide variety of bento boxes, as well as Japanese food such as sushi and ramen.

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